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Being a magician, I have some awesome friends. I love when my magic and theatre worlds collide, and this was one of my favorite projects. I was brought in to lead the build of this set for the smash hit off-Broadway magic show, Asi Wind's Inner Circle. There were certainly some challenging pieces that needed to be built, but I love a good challenge. The show was constructed in the theater space over the course of about a week. 

The Judson Theatre, off-Broadway
Production Design: Adam Blumenthal
Lead Scenic Fabrication: David Calamari

Asi Wind's Inner Circle Written and Performed by Asi Wind

This was one of the first projects I was able to work on alone at Hudson Scenic Studio. Scenery was struck and reassembled for multiple performances during the Florence and the Machine 2022 tour.

Scenic Design: Jason Ardizzone-West
Production Photos provided by Jason Ardizzone-West

Florence and the Machine 2022 Tour

A facade I built for an outdoor haunted attraction in South Windsor, CT. This project was particularly fun because I was challenged with creating a facade from 100% recycled materials. I used some old wall flats from another old projects, some recycled lumber, and tore apart salvaged picket fence panels to create the cabin siding. It required no distressing, as all of the wood had been naturally aged by the elements.

Cabin Facade Nightmare Acres, South Windsor, CT

A quick project for a local theater. They were doing a production of Spongebob: The Musical and had a foley artist making sound effects throughout the performance. They asked me to build a small box at the foot of the stage for the actor to sit in, and wanted it to match the facing on the stage.

Foley Artist Box Play Group Theater 

A collection of miscellaneous pieces I've worked on for various productions at Hudson Scenic Studio, Tom Carroll Scenery, and haunted attractions.


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