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CUstom Scenic/Prop Design & Construction

Thank you for your interest in my custom work! I design and build custom props and set pieces for haunted attractions. I can also build props and scenery for other projects that aren't haunt related, just shoot me a message and we can chat. I'm excited to help you bring your ideas to life! Below are some of the services I can offer.


-Custom foam tombstones.

-Pick your shape.

-Pick your size.

-Create your own epitaph.

-Pick your custom symbol engravings.

-Includes PVC channel to slide stone over rebar for easy set-up.

-Can be fully painted and distressed, or I can carve the foam and you can paint it!

Finished Stones : $90-$150

Unfinished          : $40-$50

Also available - Custom Foam Plaques, finished and unfinished.


+Customizations could affect cost.  


Cemetery Columns


-Custom cemetery columns.

-Pick your height and width.

-Pick your design.

-Can include lanterns if desired.

-I recommend 3-sides columns. I leave the back open so you can hide speakers, lights, etc., inside of your columns. Can be made 4-sided if desired.

-Can be fully painted and distressed, or I can build them and you can finish them!

-Available finishes include concrete, brick, or cracked concrete w/ exposed brick. Want something custom? Let's talk about it!

Finished Columns : $1500-$2000

+Lanterns              : +$200

+Entry Gates         : +$200-$300

Unfinished             : $400-$600

+Customizations could affect cost. 


-Faux Wrought-Iron Fencing.

-Built with wood and PVC to be lightweight, yet still look real.

-Fences come in black, but can be given a faux-rust finish.

-Fences come in 8' sections. If your set requires custom sizes, discuss with me prior to ordering.

-Can be fully painted or unfinished.

Finished 8' Section  : $80-100

Unfinished                : $50

+Customizations could affect cost. 


Custom Props & Sets

House Facade.png
Barn Facade.png

Please send me an email through my Contact page to begin discussing your project. You can also give me a call at (914) 924-5693. I look forward to working with you! Something not listed? Ask me about it. I would be happy to discuss possibilities!

Design+Build Package

-I can custom design and build props, sets, and facades.

-Discuss with me what you'd like before purchase so I can determine if I can accomplish it. After purchase, I will send you proofs of the design for approval before building. 

-Once the design is approved, I will build and paint your prop(s) or set(s). 

***Please note: Sets do not include filler props or set dressing.


Design Package

(Can be sent anywhere)

-I will completely design your sets or facades.

-Package will include artistic drawings, technical build drawings, materials list and paint elevations.

Pricing is determined by scope of project.

Haunt Layout/Floor plan

(Can be sent anywhere)

-Send me the dimensions of the space you are working with including locations of architecture, doorways, etc., and I will draft a full layout for your attraction. 

-Pair this with the design package and I will design your full attraction, or the desired parts of your attraction.

Cost: $1 per square foot.

***Please note that as of now, I am a one-man operation. I design, build, paint, and detail everything by myself. Because of this, turn-around times will vary depending on the size of your project and my workload at the time of your order. I will do my best to give accurate estimates prior to your purchase, and will provide updates with photographs while your project is in progress, as well as make you aware of any delays if there are any.

Thank you for your understanding.

***At this time, larger items such as columns, fencing/gates, facades, or full sets will only be available for pick-up in Scarsdale, NY. Smaller items can be shipped. 

We will discuss your project details prior to payment. I will send renderings throughout the process for your input prior to building.

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