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DAVID CALAMARI is a multidisciplinary artist whose passion is in creating live theatrical experiences. David is a writer/performer, magician, and scenic artist/designer.

David's love for magic began when he was just three years old and his uncle showed him his first piece of magic; making a coin disappear. Overcome with wonder, David became fascinated with sleight-of-hand magic, and set out to give others that same feeling of astonishment he had felt at such a young age.


David went on to study the craft at the prestigious Tannen's Magic Camp from 2011-2019. He has won multiple awards for his artistic performances, and performed at the world-famous Hollywood Magic Castle at just 15 years old. 

When not performing or working on live productions, David is passionate about swimming, and raises money for cancer research every summer participating in Swim Across America's Long Island Sound 5K swim.

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