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Studio model making work for Jason Ardizzone-West.

Scenic Design: Jason Ardizzone-West
Model by: David Calamari

BLISS by Tyler Beattie

The design/model making process of the first fully realized show I designed while at the University of Connecticut. Included are the model itself, as well as some renderings and paint elevations.

Scenic Design: David Calamari
Model by: David Calamari

Men on Boats by Jacklyn Backhaus

A theoretical design from a design class at UConn during the pandemic. This is a fully computer-rendered design.

Directed by: Amy Beth Kirsten
Scenic Design: David Calamari
Lighting Design: Jacob Sikorski
Rendering by: David Calamari

Ophelia Forever by Amy Beth Kirsten

Every so often, I will design something and render it just to keep my skills sharp. Here are some haunted attraction facades that I've rendered.

Designed by: David Calamari
Rendering by: David Calamari


Some rendering I did for the production of Shakespeare in Love at Connecticut Repertory Theatre. These were made for the scale model of the design.

Scenic Design: Morgan Shea
Assistant Scenic Design: David Calamari
Rendering by: David Calamari

Shakespeare in Love by Lee Hall

Similar to my rendering skills, I will frequently make model pieces that will likely come in handy for various productions just as a way of keeping my skills sharp. Here are some fun pieces I have done in both 1/8" scale and 1/4" scale.


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