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Scenic Designer

Scenic Artist


Prop Artisan

In May of 2021, David graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BFA in Design and Technical Production with a focus in scenic design. 

Now, David is a highly in demand theater artist in New York. He has built scenery for Broadway, off-Broadway, film, television, concert tours, etc. He is currently the lead scenic fabricator and assistant production manager at Terror Haunted House in Times Square, and a carpenter at Hudson Scenic Studio in Yonkers, NY, the world's premier scenic fabrication shop. David also does design, build, and paint work for regional theaters. 

Have a project you want David to work on? Contact him today!

David also offers custom prop/scenic design for haunted attractions. He can do anything from just designing it and sending you the plans, to actually building and painting the props or set pieces for you! Visit Custom Work for more information.

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