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A note from me.

Hello! Welcome. Thank you for checking out my website. 

When I was very little, there was a house a few blocks away from me that put on an elaborate Halloween display every year. I was terrified, but fascinated. One year, I heard that they weren't doing it, so I decided I was going to create something of my o. My dad took me to the store to buy some styrofoam tombstones and a fog machine, and my love for live theatrical productions was born.

It started small, but over the years grew into a full yard display, and a 1200 square foot walk-through haunted house in the back yard, all with props and scenery that I designed and built myself.

During that time, I discovered a Theater Technology class offered in my high school, and decided to give it a shot. I was now able to work on different productions throughout the year. When I was a junior, our teacher took us on a trip to Las Vegas where we saw some shows and met people who worked behind the scenes, and had the opportunity to ask them questions.

One day, we were sitting in Le Rêve theater at the Wynn Hotel and Casino speaking with the technical director. I vividly remember zoning out of the conversation just in complete awe of the theater and scenery around me. That was the moment that I decided this is the world I want to live in.

Art makes life more exciting. It transports us to new worlds and gives us new perspectives.

So... let's make some.

-David C.

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